Testing ScholarshipS

The Western Amateur Radio Repeater & Echolink Association Inc. (WARREA) is the proud sponsor in association with the ARRL of the

 Redding Volunteer Examiners Team 

The Board of Directors of WARREA has announced that Testing Fees for candidates under the age of 18, sitting for their Technician Class Amateur FCC license will have the 15.00 testing fee paid by WARREA. This does not apply to the 35.00 FCC fee.

This only applies to testing sessions held at the Redding ARRL VE Team testing site and for Technician-level tests.

There are no prerequisites to be eligible for the scholarship other than being under the age of 18. The Volunteer Examiners will provide all the information at the testing site.  

Preregistration is required and that info can be found at reddingve.warrea.org

Contact w6poc@warrea.org for further info.